"Held by him" upcoming events


    At the beginning of each month look for the recommended women's resource on our Held By Him table at JBF, Facebook page, or here on the website. Please click on the pictures for information on ordering. We hope this ministry blesses you. 

    • praying for your pastor by eddie byun

      We have two wonderful pastors here at Jesup Bible Fellowship, each with their own unique gifts and attributes. As congregants, we can give our pastors a precious gift starting in this Pastor Appreciation Month and continue to carry it out every month of the year: Ongoing, faith-filled, intercessory prayer.

      Pastors need faithful men and women who will pray for them as they give themselves to God’s calling to shepherd the flock that is under their care. These prayers provide a lifeline for a pastor’s spiritual, emotional, and physical health, for their relationships, and for their ministry effectiveness.

      This is a great resource to guide you in praying for the pastors that we are so blessed to have here at JBF! 

    • prayers for the pastor's wife by rachel piferi and wendy foreman

      Pastor’s wives are in a very unique position that very few of us have an understanding of or grasp of. The life of a pastor’s wife is full of ups and downs, unspoken expectations, spiritual highs, unpredictable schedules, indescribable joys, occasional wounding, mountaintop moments, and distinctive spiritual attacks. This powerful resource shows us how we can lift up and encourage these precious women with heartfelt prayer. Gain some insight into their respective roles and lift them up in prayer as they follow God’s calling, living in service to Him, alongside their husbands.