Upcoming events

  • NEW Men's Study

    Authentic Manhood is all about setting men up to live lives of truth, passion and purpose. This study offers clear and practical Biblical insights on God’s design for manhood that are both refreshing and inspiring. It points men to a gospel-centered vision of life that sets them up to enjoy God’s grace as they pursue the promises of His Word. 

    As a man experiences this study, he will find himself building a vision for Authentic Manhood in his own life that is built on the gospel of Jesus Christ and was modeled by Him in His 33 years on earth.

    This study is every Tuesday at JBF in room 123,
    6-7pm, beginning April 6th. Feel free to join anytime!

  • Day of Love

    Saturday, April 17 from noon to 6pm




    High school and middle school youth are invited to join us at noon at JBF (eat lunch before you come) to start our service day. We will serve dinner and play games at the end of the service time. Bring a friend! Register here!


    Adults: We might need extra leaders during the Day of Love. Would you be interested in leading a group of youth at a worksite?
    It is not hard….you drive the kids to their assigned worksite & keep the kids on task as they work.

    Please sign up here:


    Text or call Melissa Nesbit at 641-990-4958 or melissa.s.nesbit@gmail.com.


As we gather together as one, 

we will require that everyone attending wear a mask. 

Prayer Meeting: 9:00 am

Sunday Service: 10:00 am