Clint Bunting


Clint was born in Waterloo, Iowa, but when he was still a baby his family moved to Sacramento, California, where he grew up. In a “best of both worlds” scenario, he spent much time in Jesup as a child, teenager, and adult visiting his grandparents, who were the greatest Christian influences in his life. As a teenager, Clint developed a love and compassion for people living in discouraging circumstances, as he navigated the effects of living in a severely broken home. All along, God was shaping and molding him to be a person that has an intense passion for people and for Jesus, who is the world’s only hope and his Savior and Lord.

At the age of 19, God opened up the door for Clint to begin ministering to people as he began a 15-year career in social work. All of his adult life he has served and ministered to people suffering from homelessness, addiction, abuse, trauma, and other challenging circumstances. This was God’s way of preparing him for the call to Pastoral ministry. At the age of 22, without his knowledge or complete understanding, and while he was still serving the community in the social work field, God called him to begin his ministry career by helping plant a church called Lifebridge Church in Folsom, Ca. It was while serving at Lifebridge Church that he felt God’s call to serve Him by becoming a Pastor. He still remembers telling the lead pastor that he will do whatever the pastor asks him to do, as he just simply wanted to serve God, but “don’t ask me to preach!” Within a week of saying that, he was in the pulpit preaching his first sermon. We make our plans. God laughs.


Clint was then called to Country Oaks Baptist Church as part of an intentional Interim Pastor Team to help a broken church recover from a church split. Originally, he planned on staying and honoring his two-year commitment before moving on. Again, we make our plans and God laughs. He ended up serving at Country Oaks Baptist Church for 10 years in multiple pastoral positions, such as Youth Pastor, Discipleship Pastor, Preaching Pastor, and then ended his time there as Executive Pastor. In 2010, he received his Pastoral Ministry license, and in 2011, he was ordained by the Southern Baptist Convention. It was during his time at Country Oaks Baptist church that Clint met his wife, Stacey. He remembers his grandma telling him, “You need to meet a girl at church that loves the Lord.” Good thing he had enough sense to listen to his grandma!

After dating for a relatively short time (at least according to his mother-in-law  😊), Stacey and Clint were married in April of 2011. She has been his biggest support in ministry, as she has served in church leadership faithfully by his side in multiple areas in the local church. God created Stacey to be an amazing teacher. She has taught in elementary education for over 12 years. Her God given gift of teaching, her huge heart, her fun-loving personality, and even her tremendous and unmistakable laugh have served her well in being recognized and honored as a top teacher in each district she has taught in.


In December 2021, after 10 years of struggling with infertility, Stacey gave birth to their son, Marlyn Glenn Bunting - appropriately named after Clint’s grandfather, who is the greatest Christian example he’s ever witnessed in his life. Their story is a story of hope, trust, and the faith that even the mightiest mountains in our lives are nothing compared to the matchless power of our God.


In 2018, God began stirring Clint’s heart to believe that He was going to be asking them to step out in faith in ways they never imagined. After much prayer, fasting, wise counsel, and through the Holy Spirit’s guidance, they stepped out in faith, and in obedience decided to follow God’s call to move to Jesup, Iowa. When Clint describes this gigantic step of faith to people, he usually says that it was an “Abraham call” because, like Abraham, Clint didn’t receive many details. He just knew in his heart that God was calling him and his wife to trust Him and simply go!  He was 100 % certain that God placed a gigantic burden on his heart for the people of the Cedar Valley, and specifically for the town of Jesup. Their announcement was shocking to some, but with their eyes fixed completely on Jesus, they sold their house, left their friends, family, church, ministry, jobs and they moved to Jesup.


For the past two years, while continuing his studies at Trinity College of the Bible and Theological Seminary, Clint has served at Impact Church in Waterloo, Iowa, as the Executive Pastor. Even through the confusing and devastating COVID pandemic, he has been blessed to help pastor a dynamic church that specializes in outreach to the community. Through God’s grace and provision, Clint is honored to say that they have built one of the largest, and most effective, outreach ministries in the city of Waterloo.


When Clint’s not at church or engaged in serving the community, you can usually find him on his back porch (except in the winter!), reading, enjoying spending time with his wife and God, or attempting to corral their crazy dog, Benny. Him and his wife enjoy the simple things in life, such as fellowshipping with others, taking trips around the country to see God’s creation, and especially going to the ocean. And yes, pray for him because he IS aware that they moved far away from any ocean! He’s slowly becoming an Iowa Hawkeyes fan, and he looks forward to taking trips throughout the Midwest to attend college football games.